Custom Intune Policy to Remove Windows 10 People from Taskbar

In this post I am going to show you how to create a custom Windows 10 configuration policy to remove the People icon from the taskbar with Intune. Sign into the Azure Intune Portal Navigate to Device configuration > Profiles Click + Create profile Use the following settings: Name: Windows 10 - Customizations (change the name based on your own convention) Description (Optional): Remove the…

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Automatic device cleanup in Microsoft Intune

As part of the Week of July 2, 2018 Intune updates, you now have the option to set rules to automatically remove devices that haven't checked in for a specified number of days. To create the new cleanup rule: Navigate to the Intune management pane in Azure Select Devices Under the Devices management blade, you should now see Device cleanup rules - click Device cleanup…

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App Configuration Policies for the Intune Managed Browser

The Managed Browser is a mobile app that you can download from the app stores to help protect corporate data when accessing internal and SaaS applications. In this post we will be discussing the configuration options that are available through Intune for the Managed Browser. We achieve this by adding properties and values to an App Configuration Policy targeted for the Managed Browser. Below are…

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