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Deploy OneDrive for Business policies with Intune Admin Templates

With the December Intune feature release, Microsoft has provided us with the much anticipated capability to deploy Administrative Templates to Windows 10 devices. There are quite a few settings available now but I know that there are plenty more to come. For this demo I will show you how to deploy OneDrive for Business policies using these new Administrative Templates to Windows 10 devices.

Note: This feature is in preview so I wouldn’t be surprised to see changes and additional policies in the months to come.

  • Name your new profile (in this example I will be naming it Windows 10: OneDrive ADMX Policies) and give it a description.
  • For the Platform, drop down and select Windows 10 and later.
  • For the Profile type, drop down and select Administrative Templates (Preview).

  • Click the Create button.
  • From the Overview blade of your new profile, click Settings.

  • From the Settings blade, type OneDrive in the search box and the setting names should filter to show the OneDrive policies.

  • Configure the settings you wish to deploy. When you are finished, click Assignments.

  • From the Assignments blade, select the group you wish to include/exclude in the deployment and you are finished.

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