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Installing Visual C++ Frameworks with PowerShell

For someone who has been working with Windows deployments, installing the necessary frameworks over and over can be a tedious task. The following is a script I put together to install all the supported Visual C++ Framework redistributables either in an offline or online scenario.

The script can be downloaded from my GitHub repo found here.

The script will run in MDT, ConfigMgr, or as a standalone package – with or without internet connectivity.

Online Mode

For a deployment that has internet connectivity, just run the script like so:

This will download all the binaries and perform the install for each redistributable.

Offline Mode

For a deployment that has no internet connectivity, you will first need to download the source files and place them in the SourceFiles folder (there doesn’t need to be a particular folder structure but it is recommended to use SourceFiles\VC2008, SourceFiles\VC2010, etc.). You can either do this manually or by running the following from a computer with internet connectivity:

Once you have the source files downloaded in the package, you can run the following during deployment:


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